Thursday, February 5, 2009

Introduction to my blogs

If you have seen a fortune online entitled "Mosher's Law", then we have already been introduced.

I am writing a series of blogs on different areas for different readerships:

This blog covers portfolio, strategy, and executive management topics:

This blog covers a methodology that are started a while back but never got a chance to share in writing:

This blog covers creative ways to implement business processes:

I have been helping small to large companies grow up for the past 25+ years including a few failures to learn from.

I have written previous articles for PMI (Project Management Society) and SDFORUM (Software development forum for introduction of new technology and new tools).

I am happy to share what I learned and only ask that you pass it along with a reference to this soon to be larger body of work.

I plan to post something every week. So come back each week to see the latest article.

I have met many of these authors below over the years. I had tried to start to write a book a few years back but never got it started. So this is the start of my contributions toward an e-book.

Recommended readings:
[1] "Balanced Scorecard", Robert S. Kaplan
[2] "Product Strategy for High-Technology Companies", Michael E. McGrath
[3] "Portfolio Management for New Products", Robert G. Cooper
[4] "Revolutionizing Product Development", Steven C. Wheelwright
[5] "The Power of Product Platforms", Marc H. Meyer
[6] "Total Customer Service", William H. Davidow